Decadent Chameleons

by Folkicide



Third and final teaser track from the upcoming Folkicide release a Calculated Coldness. We'll release the entire recording only if the world decides not to implode under the weight of plague.


170 rows in the water
Triremes headed toward the slaughter
We've done it once before
Smashed the Persian horde

Celebrate diversity
With French supplied machetes
Ethnicity a sore
Rotten to the core

We decorate our skin
Like decadent chameleons
Frozen in decline
The West has lost its mind

The war of all against all
Is kept at bay by the rule of law
Less unleash all that's foul
In the human animal

Give an American Occam's razor
And then
Eventually they'll slice
Their neck and bleed
And die


released April 22, 2020
Burnie Booth: Guitar Vox
Roshelle Pekarek: Viola
Ethan Eckert: Drums
Jesslay Huh: Bass


all rights reserved


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